HSGY traditional wood longbow

HSGY Traditional recurve bow for sale
HSGY Traditional wood long bow

HSGY Traditional bow
Type: laminated bow
Draw weight:25-40 lbs
Draw length: 32inch
Bow length:56inch, 58inch
Available in right or left hand
Limbs:laminated wood
Korea epoxy
North America epoxy

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Simple paremeter for HSGY traditional wood long bow

Brand TopArchery
Color Black, wood color
Material wood
Condition New
Type Laminated bow
Dexterity Ambidextrous
Applicable crowd Adults, kids,women

The HSGY traditional bow is for anyone who like bow hunting. The HSGY traditional bow is a beautiful and compact 56 inch / 58 inch longbow loaded with deflex-reflex power. Offers hard hitting performance with no to little handshock.

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HSGY traditional long bow

The details introduction of HSGY traditional bow

Bow Riser: Made by lamination process, it retains the color of the logs and is closer to nature.
Limbs: The bow limbs are surrounded and laminated with  wood, Korea epoxy and North America epoxy. Reinforced bow tips can handle high performance string materials.
String: High quality matching bowstrings to meet your requirements for archery bows.

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HSGY traditional recurve bow
HSGY traditional recurve bow
HSGY traditional bow limbs

Remember that with a traditional bow the weight will change depending upon what your draw length is. Bow weight will change approximately ±2½ pounds for every inch from a bows rated draw length.

HSGY traditional bow for sale
HSGY traditional bow for sale

TopArchery as the famous archery bow and arrows wholesale in China, we can provide you the custom traditional bow for hunting or practice. Welcome to contact us for more information of traditional bow. We will service you at 24 hours.

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