My company is the outdoor sports equipment manufacturer in China. We can provide a series of hunting powerful slingshot. We can provide OEM & ODM services.

Professional hunting Chinese slingshot
Professional hunting Chinese slingshot

Model: 07BWLDG01
Product weight: 300
Material: sandalwood, stainless steel, titanium sight
Bow length: 121 mm
Inner bow door: 42 mm
Outer bow door: 85 mm
Features: Roof Bracket
with a common rubber band

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hunting slingshot for competition
Hunting slingshot for competition

Model: 07LSED01
Weight: 320 g
Height: 124 mm
Inner bow door: 50 mm
Outer bow door: 90 mm
Head: 20 mm

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Multi-layer competitive aiming
Material: stainless steel + copper + red sandalwood

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TopArchery ZL shooting slingshot

Product name: powerful shooting slingshot
Material: new magnesium alloy
Size: 12.5*8.5 cm
Color: yellow, black, red,blue
Accessories: with light, double aiming point, pressing fast buckle
Package: slingshot, a rubber band

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stainless steel folding slingshot

stainless steel folding slingshot

Product name: Folding slingshot
Model: 07MBZDDG
Material: stainless steel
Size: 12 *10* 5 CM
Weight: about 230 g / set
Features: Folding design, easy to carry, small and exquisite, easy to store
powerful, slingshot that can be used by both adults and children.

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hunting slingshot for sale

Name: SFDG Shooting slingshot for sale
Model: 07SFDG
Material: alloy, stainless steel, fiber
Size: 8.3*11cm (hand measurement has errors,)
Product Process: Casting, Polishing, Fine Cutting
Rubber band: flat leather band
Color: picture color

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hunting slingshot
hunting slingshot

Name: TMSF high precision slingshot
Model: 07TMSF
Material: rhinoceros horn rosewood
Product Process: Wire Cutting + Manual Polishing
Weight: 250g
Height: 120mm Thickness: 10mm
Outer bow length: 90mm inner bow length: 40mm
Head length: 20mm

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Hunting Chinese slingshot
TM98K Hunting Chinese slingshot for sale

Name: 98K hunting slingshot
Model: 07TM98K
Material: sandalwood +304 stainless steel titanium alloy sight
Outer bow door: 85 mm
Inner bow door: 45 mm
Head: 20 mm
Length: 120 mm
Weight: 350 g

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SFSJK hunting slingshot with aim

Name: Updated SF slingshot
Model: 07SFSJK
Material: zinc-magnesium alloy with a rubber band
Slingshot size: 125*84*36
Design: fast pressure
Color: red, blue, green
Sample list: support
Min order: 50 pieces

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Stainless steel 98k slingshot
Stainless steel 98k slingshot

Name: 98K hunting slingshot
Material: 304 stainless steel
Use: shooting&hunting
Weight: 450g
Outter/inner with: 8cm/4.5cm
Thickness: 1.5cm
Package include: 1pcs slingshot + 1pcs rubber band
Note: send enquiry for price

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hunting Chinese slingshot
stainless steel hunting Chinese slingshot

Name: hunting slingshot
Material: stainless steel
Height: 120mm
Inner width:45mm
Outside width:85mm
Package:1 x slingshot ,1 x rubber band
Note: send enquiry for price.

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shooting slingshot for sale
Professional shooting slingshot

Name: Anti-Slip Sticker Outdoor Hunting Slingshot Gaming Gear
Weight: 320 g
Height:115 mm
Inner bow door: 40 mm
Outer bow door:110 mm
Thickness:27 mm
Color:as picture
Material: stainless steel
Note: send inruiry for price
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Flat Band Slingshot
Outdoor Flat Band Slingshot

Name:Slingshot Flat Band Slingshot Hunting Slingshot Catapult Sports
size:9.1 x 7.5 x 2.4 inches
Color:As picture
Item Weight:10.6 ounces
Package:: 1x slingshot and rubber band
Material:stainless steel + copper + red sandalwood
Note: send inquiry for price
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