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With 30 years experience, TopArchery can design and produce 100 types takedown recurve bow. If you have any need, we can offer you custom service for you that includes color, materials, pounds and so on. We also offer large discount for wholesale. Any need, contact us. Email:

Bow riser:beech and sapelli laminated
Bow limbs: fiberglass and maple laminated
Brace height:6inch
Bow length: 48″, 54″, 62″, 66″, 68″
Draw weight: 10-40lbs

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Bow length: 56inch
Draw weight: 30-50lbs
Max draw length: 30inch
Riser lenght: 17inch
Brace height: 7.4inch
Riser material: aluminum alloy
Bow limbs: laminated wood & fiberglass
Weight: 2.5pounds
Bowstring: dacron

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LBZLG Straight bow
Bow length: 53inch
Draw weight:30lbs, 40lbs
Brace height:7.2 inch
Riser material: magnesium aluminum alloy with bow sight, arrow rest

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take-down recurve bow

NML Takedown recurve bow

Name: NML takedown recurve bow
Bow length: 60inch
Bow limbs: fiberglass and maple laminated
Bow riser: laminated wood
Draw length:28inch
Draw weight: 30lbs-50lbs

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Name:SLZLG Takedown straight bow

Bow length: 51inch


Draw weight:30lbs,40lbs

Brace height:6inch

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Takedown bow for sale
WSK take-down bow for sale

Bow length: 60inch
Bow limbs: fiberglass and maple laminated
Bow riser:blackwood laminated
Brace height:8.25inch
Safe draw length:28inch
Draw weight: 35-55lbs

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KMB takedown bow

Name: KMB takedown bow
Bow length:60inch

Draw length:28inch


String length: 56inch

Draw weight: 30–50lbs

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ZY takedown recurve bow

Riser length:17inch
Bow length:60inch
Deaw weight:30-60lbs
Brace height: 17.8cm
Bow limbs:Douka,maple,
Bow riser:aluminum alloy
Other color: black

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takedown recurve bow
YS takedown recurve bow

Weight: 1.3kg
Bow length: 60inch
String length: 145cm
Draw weight: 45lbs, 50lbs, 55lbs
Draw length: 28-31inch
Material: elm

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Bow length: 58inch
Brace height: 17cm
Bow riser: wood
Bow limbs: bamboo and fiberglass
Draw weight: 30-60lbs

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foldable takedown bow
ZDG foldable takedown bow

Name: ZDG foldable takedown bow
Draw Weight:
Bow Length: 140cm
Material: Aerospace aluminum
Color: Yellow, black,red

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takedown game bow
CS game bow

Bow length :54″
Draw Weight: 16/18/20/22/24 lbs
Riser material: beech wood
Limb material: Laminated wood/fiberglass
Available: both for right & left hand

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Archery bow accessories

custom recurve bows for sale
ILF bow piece for sale

ILF custom bow limbs
A: laminated wood/fiberglass;
B: laminated composite carbon & wood;
C: laminated Carbon-Magnetism
Draw weight: 22-44lbs

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ILF bow handle for sale
ILF bow handle for sale

ILF Riser
Riser length: 23”
Net weight: 1060g
Joint way: ILF (International Limbs Fitting)
Riser Material: high magnesium aluminum alloy

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take-down archery
XAFT take-down archery bow

Bow length: 53inch
String Length: 49inch
Max Draw Length: 32inch
Draw weight: 35lbs, 40lbs, 45lbs, 50lbs

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takedown game bow for normal hunting practice
SJT takedown game bow

String length:53inch/134cm
Brace height:19.5cm
Bow length:56inch/142cm
Bow riser:15inch/38cm
Draw weight:25lbs

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Take down bow for sale

Due to easy installation and carry, more and more people prefer take down bow for sale. These cheap take down bow also be popular around the world. As famous bow supplier, TopArchery can offer you several kinds of compact take down bow for sale with cheap price and top quality.

TopArchery take down bow kit for sale

With more than 30 years developing history, TopArchery will offer you 60+ kinds of takedown archery bows for sale, which includes common take down bow plans and handmade take down bow and arrow for sale. Aimed at different crowd and demand, TopArchery mainly offers you youth takedown recurve bow for sale, hunting takedown recurve bow for sale, take down compound bow design, takedown longbow for sale, as well as left handed takedown recurve bow for sale and so on. If you have other demand about TopArchery take down bow kit for sale, you can leave your message here, we will contact with you as early as possible.

Recurve take down bow for sale

Just as the name implies, cheap takedown recurve bow for sale holds the advantages both recurve bow and takedown archery bow kit, which not only can be take apart easily, but also keep big kinetic energy just like recurve bow. Compared with the other common bow equipment, best takedown recurve bow 2016 can hold more power with shorter bent body, making these 70 inch takedown recurve bow or 68 inch recurve takedown bow more suitable for the place where longer bow can’t use freely, such as the jungle, forest and horseback.

TopArchery can provide you various types takedown archery bow wooden with different materials, for instance, the bamboo recurve take down bows for sale, wooden takedown recurve bows for sale, fiberglass take down recurve bow for sale and carbon fiber takedown bows for sale.

Any interested? Just send your demand right now.

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Why you buy take down bow from TopArchery

1.Cheap price

Depend on lots of loyal customers,TopArchery can sell a large of compact takedown bow for sale, which means you will buy take down bow in low wholesale price. In a word, TopArchery’s take down bow kit is almost fifth less than the other bow equipment for sale.

2.Fast deliver

With 30 years growing history, TopArchery will offer takedown archery bows service for people in 45 countries and regions, which includes America, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Thailand and so on, besides, we also build 3 oversea locations, which ensure you can get your takedown archery bows in 10 days.

3.High quality and produce technology

Inherit advanced craft from China’s tenth bow and arrow generator, as well as combine with the modern takedown bow technology, TopArchery owns unique bow making methods. With almost 500 employees, which includes 100 professional bow masters, which make sure every your take down bow and arrow with top quality and great performance, as well as excellent appearance.

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