MXG takedown bow
MXG takedown recueve bow

Parameters of MXG take-down recurve bow

Bow riser:
beech and sapelli laminated

Bow limbs:
high quality epoxy and maple laminated

Brace height:

Bow length:
48″, 54″, 62″, 66″, 68″

Draw weight:

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Introduction of MXG take-down recurve archery bow
A takedown recurve bow provides archers with excellent maneuverability and versatility. Takedown bows have removable limbs which can be stored away, packed up in a backpack, or swapped out to change the bow’s draw weight.This new style take-down recurve bow called the MXG, it is one new style that produced by the TopArchery. Made of maple laminations and strong fiberglass. It can be used for the child, new learner and women.

The details of MXG take-down recurve archery bow

MXG take-down recurve archery
MXG takedown bow details
detailes of MXG take-down bow
detailes of MXG take-down bow
take-down bow riser
The riser of MXG take-down archery bow

Uses of MXG take-down recurve bow:
Great for women, beginner and youth. Can be used for targeting, hunting, game. Fashionable and easy to carry features, it is the best for you to play, hunting and gifts.
Installation process of MXG take-down recurve archery bow

take-down recurve bow
Installation process of MXG takedown bow

As the professional takedown bow supplier in China, we can design and produce particular bow equipment for diverse crowd with unique customized service. Produce the archery bow and arrows according to customer’s demand for color, logo, apprearance, material and so on.

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