XKYY best take-down recurve bow for sale

best takedown recurve bow
XKYY best takedown bow for sale

Parameter of XKYY best take-down recurve bow

Weight: 2.5pounds

Bow length: 56inch

Draw weight: 30-50lbs

Max draw length: 30inch

Brace height: 7.4inch

Bow riser: aluminum alloy

Bow limbs: laminated wood and high quality epoxy

Bowstring: dacron

Joint type: Screw up

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Introduction of XKYY best takedown recurve bow

The riser of this XKYY best takedown recurve bow is made of different kinds of laminated wood, and the limbs are made of laminated wood and high quality epoxy, providing a durable bow that will last for many hunting or archery range trips. The riser of this take-down recurve bow is made from aluminum alloy. The tips of the limbs are also phenolic reinforced, guaranteeing that the bow will not deteriorate quickly. The joint type of XKYY best take down recurve bow is screwing up. The bow also comes with an arrow rest and bow string.

takedown recurve archery
Customer feedback for XKYY takedown recurve bow
takedown bow for sale
Customer feedback for XKYY takedown recurve bow

The advantages of XKYY best takedown recurve bow
1. The advantage of this bow is the position of the bow. It uses a triangular wind tunnel. In short, because of the stability of the triangular wind tunnel, this bow maintains good stability when shooting outdoors. It is not affected by the wind and the shooting becomes more precise.
2. As a new design detachable bow. It combines the functions of hunting, practicing, and fighting fish.

take-down archery bow
XKYY take-down archery bow riser
rake down bow package
XKYY takedown recurve bow kit

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