Traditional longbows for sale

As one of primitive bows for sale, TopArchery’s traditional longbows are mainly made by three parts, the bow riser, bowstring and arcualia. With distant gunshot, traditional longbows sale are more suitable for casting. TopArchery-the traditional bow makers will offer you several types high quality traditional archery longbows for sale, which includes traditional hunting longbow kits and custom traditional longbows for sale.

TopArchery traditional archery longbow specification

TopArchery traditional longbow for sale
TopArchery traditional longbow for sale


Bow block:16-18
Safe dragsaw: 80
Draw weight: 25lbs, 30lbs, 35lbs, 45lbs, 50 lbs
Length: 130-140(changed with pound)
Material: higher epoxy, leather and cowhide

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TopArchery custom traditional longbows processure

Learned from the tenth generation inheritor of bow and arrow master, TopArchery can ensure your traditional archery longbows work more than 10 years. Using well performance raw materials, like fresh thick bamboo with evenly distributed joints that air-dried more than 1 years, which is more suit for making traditional longbows on the aspect of making sure the practicality of custom traditional longbows. In the junction, we use the best natural adhesive, which is handmade isingrass made by pig skin. Before made traditional longbows for sale, we baked the middle part of bamboo, which is used to be custom traditional longbow base, and then attach wooden handle and top to it. The unique advantage of this method is that the adhesive can be absorbed by materials, making all the traditional archery longbows parts integrate as whole perfectly. Then polished the ox horn to stick outside of bamboo base, press it using traditional tool make them forced equally. Finally using the coehells to ensure the strength of traditional longbow sale. On the entire traditional archery longbows production process, TopArchery can make sure the handmade totally.

TopArchery traditional hunting bow and accessories
TopArchery traditional hunting bow and accessories

TopArchery traditional archery longbows for sale

With more than 30 years accumulate, just like compound bow kit for sale, TopArchery is capable to design and produce well-performance traditional archery longbows for hunting or other usage. One of most different point between TopArchery custom traditional longbows and other longbows is the handmade. Inherited in rich experience and advanced technology, learned from famous bow master, TopArchery has invented a series of traditional longbows manufacturing technology. Using excellent and all natural raw materials, TopArchery’s traditional longbows kit can work no less than 10 years.

TopArchery traditional archery longbows
TopArchery traditional archery longbows
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TopArchery traditional hunting longbow shipping process

1.During our 30 years product process, there are zero fault occur in TopArchery’s shipping. On the moment you order your custom traditional longbows, TopArchery is full responsible for that, if there any damage take place in your traditional archery bows for child, women and men, we will resend another new one for you.

2.So far, TopArchery has launched 3 oversea location in America, aimed at America customers, you can get your traditional hunting longbows in 3 days.

3.Located in China’s transportation heart, surrounded by Jing-hang high way and Zhengzhou international airport, wherever you from, you can get TopArchery’s customized traditional archery longbow in 10 days.

If you have any question about TopArchery’s traditional longbow sale, such as the price, related bow or arrow products and traditional longbows accessories, you can send it though email anytime, our sales manager will contact with you as soon as possible.

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